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About Us

We started Maydeen to serve shoppers from around the world. Our online store was born from the desire to provide a suitable market to Haitian creators, big or small through our platform. 

We have embarked on a venture to provide opportunities for creators from frontier markets to access your lives, and homes with their handcrafted products using sustainable, fair trade models. We believe in the enrichment of all through our shared cultures, and combined expertise, while respecting the uniqueness of all, and  the valorization of artistic, cultural, and traditional competencies of the communities we work with.

Check out our catalogue of products and make a purchase today to join us in creating real impact for creators and communities in Haiti and around the world!


Responsibly Made Products

Our business model is built on partnerships, and active participation of the creators we work with all along the value chain. 

We believe in changing the narrative by empowering the women and men in the countries where we work by making them an integral part of the comprehensive local production chain.

Designs are created in the communities we work in, handcrafted by (mostly) women who earn decent wages, using fair trade, quality products, and delivered to customers who appreciate the value of fair trade, and equitable ways of doing business. Our creators instantly become integral parts of the comprehensive local and global production chain.

By empowering women, we are empowering families, communities, and countries, directly impacting economic growth, health, and education.

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